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Tips For Your First Massage Visit


  • drink plenty of water in the days before massage.
  • do not eat right before your appointment.
  • arrive early to fill out a form telling us about your history and indicating areas of concern.
  • reschedule if you have a fever, skin irritations, or are switching dose sizes with your medication.
  • tell your massage therapists your goals for your appointment, and ask questions if you have any concerns
  • the massage therapist will tell you what to expect for your visit and leave the room. you may undress to your comfort level and rest beneath the sheet on the massage table.


  • your massage therapist will periodically check how the pressure is, but please feel free to let them know at any time if the pressure needs to be adjusted to your liking.
  • you will be covered at all times except for the area the massage therapist is working on.
  • music will be playing softly, you can request different music if you would like.
  • remember to take deep breaths and to relax.
  • talking is not typical, but you may talk if it is more relaxing for you.
  • if you are having trouble relaxing your muscles, let your massage therapist know so she or he may adjust techniques.


  • you may feel light-headed so move slowly, perhaps even sitting for a few minutes in the spa lounge before driving. you are welcome to relax there as long as you like.
  • drink plenty of water the rest of the day.
  • consider taking time off to readjust and relax before jumping into any physical chores or work.
  • you may have some slight soreness depending on the type of massage you chose and the severity of your issues when you came in.
  • the massage therapist may give you some suggestions for after care, like using heat or ice on certain areas, to avoid muscles soreness.
  • many times issues have taken a long time to build in your body, so you may need multiple visits to fix the problem. your massage therapist will give you a recommendation on when you should come in for another visit.
  • consider booking your next appointment–you receive a credit toward future services and it maintains the habit of stress-relief in your life.