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Team Based Living: The Meaning Behind Our Philosophy

Creating a Team Based workplace is at the core of Phresh. You hear us talk about it all the time, but what does it really mean? Let’s dive deep so you can understand why we believe in it, and how it truly benefits you.

Being team based means our team members are not compensated through commission and they don’t rent their space from us. This means that the mentality of “my guest”, becomes “our guest”. When team members are not fighting for their livelihood by retaining guests solely for themselves, it removes stressful competition and uncomfortable situations for the guest. Have you ever said “I cheated on my stylist because I couldn’t get in with her. I feel terrible!”? Guess what, you shouldn’t have to feel that way! We want to ensure that you can see anyone on our team for your services and have an excellent experience – guilt free. You will hear our team members encourage you to do so. They support each other and believe in each other’s talents. Their focus is on you returning to Phresh, not just to them. Your time and schedule are more important. 

The team based model revolves around our guests. You are the center of our universe and our entire team is dedicated to you. We believe that encouraging our team to work together, not in competition with each other, creates a happy and calm environment you can actually feel when you walk in the door. We want you to love coming in to Phresh because everyone is smiling and excited to see you, not just your service provider for the day. That is success. That proves to us that the high priority we place on values and culture is absolutely worth the effort.

Phresh stands for more than just our name, it represents our values. Passion, Happiness, Respect, Empowerment, Synergy, Humility.

Our vision for Phresh is simple. We aspire to:

  1. Be the best at serving others.
  2. Spread happiness everywhere.
  3. Live extraordinary lives.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make a difference in your life!