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Shannan: My Three Beauty Must-Haves

Shannan graduated in 2013 and began immediately began her career with Phresh. She attended our  apprenticeship program and has been an incredible asset to our team ever since, as a Signature Stylist and Nail Technician. Read on to discover the beauty products she can’t go without, and why, in her expert opinion.

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Oribe Foundation Mist

Photo: Oribe Haircare

  • Foundation mist: Its a jack of all trades & wears many hats. It’s a thermal protectant, light leave in conditioner, helps level out the ph of the hair to help prime for other products after it, & smells amazing!! It’s also under $30!

Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream

Photo: Oribe Haircare

  • I love to pair Supershine with foundation mist because they compliment each other well for an amazing punch of moisture for the hair! I have a bunch of clients who love this duo together, especially those that prefer something more low maintenance!

CND Solar Oil

    Photo: CND
  • My third favorite product is CND’s solar oil. It’s a quick & easy cuticle oil to use. I love how shiny & healthy it immediately makes my nails look & feel. It’s also compatible for gel & normal polish. It keeps the polish flexible & preventing chipping from happening as fast, while also penetrating through the polish to bring nourishment to the nails as a whole, not just the cuticle!

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