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phresh spa salon

Our vision for phresh is simple. We aspire to:

  1. Be the best at serving others.
  2. Spread happiness everywhere.
  3. Live extraordinary lives.

Our Story

Rick & Tracy
Co-Owners, Husband & Wife

My 20-year career as a Hair Stylist exposed me to many amazingly talented people in the industry. I became a successful Stylist by learning from some of the best, including Horst Rechelbacher. I loved the beauty industry, and had an even deeper passion for making my clients feel beautiful and special. I saw my colleagues working hard doing the same thing with their clients and I always wondered what it would be like to be part of a culture where everyone worked together to achieve a common goal.

I had a prosperous career with Best Buy wearing many hats over my 23 years. My many roles always involved leading and participating on teams. I love team sports and loved the teamwork at Best Buy. I participated in the company’s transformation to a non-commissioned model, which revolutionized the consumer electronics Industry. Later, I helped lead another transformation, where roles, pay and systems were now centered around the customer and the customer experience. I loved Best Buy, but it outgrew me. I missed those early years of being part of a small, ambitious, and somewhat naive team that believed we could be extraordinary and change an entire industry.

In 2007 after Derick, our son, went off to College at St. Thomas, we decided the time was right to create something truly unique in the beauty industry. Something that could be very special for our guests and our employees. This idea came about after realizing how much our careers and life experiences intersected in a powerful way.

So as partners in life for over 30 years, we decided to partner, on a new vision. We recruited Christine, our daughter to join in, just after graduating from Gustavus. We asked Derick to help us find the right brand name that defined our vision. Enter phresh…and our team-based model. Our vision was to create a model where every team member works together toward a common goal of making our guests feel special. We would use our gifts to make our guests feel special on the inside first. Then, use our skills and talents to help our guests look and feel special in every additional way possible. Our team would be compensated and rewarded based on how well we would do this, not based on how much stuff we would sell.

This is what makes us phresh. We like to remind our “phreshies” that our culture is our brand. After all, we can’t make you, our guest, feel special if we don’t LOVE coming to work. Together we want to shape our phreshies into becoming kind, caring, passionate adults that want to make the world better. These are the values we live by: Passion. Happiness. Respect. Empowerment. Synergy. Humility.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make a difference in your life!