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Reopen Update

Dear Loyal Guests,

We want to provide you with a few updates, both in response to questions that we’ve received from you over the last few weeks, as well as new developments and preparations we’re making for our much anticipated reopening. As you may know, the mandated Executive Order to remain closed has been extended through May 3rd. We understand there is a potential for at least one more extension based on the peak exposure models. As much as we desperately want to set a firm reopen date, it will clearly be out of our control. 

During this time, we have been working diligently to ensure our 19 team members are staying safe, and are financially secure through both state and federal relief resources. Maintaining company health coverage for our team members during this time has also been a critical priority. At the company level, we are taking every precaution and exhausting the city, state and federal relief opportunities to effectively weather this unexpected 7+ week loss of all income. We have had great success working with all our lenders, suppliers, providers and utilities in asking for relief through our mandated closure. 

Our team-based model is very unique to our industry. To have a team of loyal, passionate and dedicated employees going through this crisis together as a work family brings us tremendous pride as owners. We also find comfort that, as employees they have been able to receive immediate unemployment benefits, have a company health plan, and have paid sick time benefits waiting for them upon their return.

Many of you have asked how you can help our employees and the company while we’re closed? “Can we tip them?” “Can we buy a gift card?” We are so grateful with your generosity! While our entire team is receiving temporary unemployment benefits, it’s critical that they do not violate the state’s UI policies by receiving tip income while furloughed. Gift card sales are another slippery slope. The revenue will certainly help now to fortify our safety net however, down the road when service income is most important it won’t be there with a gift card redemption. 

Another common question is “can I buy products while you’re closed”? It’s very important that we continue to honor the Stay At Home mandate. In light of that, we’ve been working on solutions with our two core brands: Oribe Hair Care and Eminence Organics Skin Care. We’re excited to inform you that we just joined a limited-time partnership program with Oribe that enables you to order your products online at At checkout use the code: PHRESH_SALON. Oribe will share revenue with us on your purchases. Hurry, the promotion ends May 1st! 

We have also just begun retailing Eminence Organics Skin Care on our website for online shopping!  Click here to begin shopping:

The most important thing we can ask for in terms of your support, is PLEASE PLEASE see us as soon as possible upon reopening! You are our lifeblood! Our team of 19 misses you immensely and they are anxious and excited to serve you again! We recognize we are in a high touch industry. To ensure your wellness along with our team’s wellness upon reopening, we want to assure you we will take appropriate measures to maximize physical distancing and optimize sanitation, with minimal impact on your guest experience. Fortunately, the Cosmetology industry already has highly regulated safety and sanitation standards that we are enhancing. 

In consideration of keeping our team safe at home and furloughed, we will be turning off Online Booking until we have a firm reopen date. Email and voicemail responsiveness will also be very limited. We apologize in advance and we hope you understand given the circumstances. Once a firm reopen date is established and communicated, our guest services team will be working with each of you to make sure your service is booked timely and properly to meet your needs. 

Lastly, we ask that you remain patient, wear a ball cap and let your hair, skin and nails rest and breath. We do realize you may have to take matters into your own hands. If so, just know that we’re ready to work our magic so you can look and feel your best again! 😊

Please continue to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates! 

Much gratitude for all your love & support! 🙏

Tracy, Rick, and the phresh team