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Massage vs. Stretching

Massage vs. Stretching

You can’t really compare which activity is more healthy because they both have different purposes and people everywhere have different needs. Let’s go over some reasons why.

#1: Massage receives, stretching takes.

Massage is all about receiving. The whole idea is to relax and lie there while someone else works on stretching your muscles out and working on your “knots,” which are actually muscle fibers that have stuck together. When stretching, your body is engaged and working, to gain mobility and flexibility.

#2: Massage relieves pain, stretching reduces chance of injury.

Before a soccer game, you don’t see the athletes lining the field on massage beds. However, they do stand around stretching to loosen up their muscles so they can move faster and more smoothly. The spa is where you go after an extra demanding game to relax the muscles and bring faster healing.

#3 Massage therapy requires certification, but anyone can stretch.

There are more legal parameters for massage like certification and licensing. Because of this, a professional massage is a way to treat aches and pains that you can’t deal with on your own, while stretching is more of a duty and a smart thing to do at home. 

We hope you now have a better idea about when to stretch and when to schedule a massage. No matter how active you are, a regular dose of both activities may bring great results and health benefits.

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