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How Massage May Improve Daily Life

Melt away daily stress.

“I need to spend less, I’m not going to make it work on time, this house is a mess, I wish I didn’t promise to cover that shift…” All these thoughts keep our brains buzzing from the second our eyes open in the morning until even after we hit the pillow at night.

Because we’re constantly rushing to keep up with our fast-paced lifestyles, we have no idea how much stress affects our physical bodies. We all feel tension in different areas. Many, especially office workers, carry stress in the neck and shoulders. Others say they carry stress in their jaw, hips, or even stomach.  No matter where it weighs you down, stress can be incredibly damaging to healthy posture and cause severe headaches.

Even when we try to sleep at night, many of us can’t fully relax and release our tension. We just don’t know how, and soreness from the day’s stress keeps us from peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Massage can be a great way to help alleviate the side effects of stress by calming your mind and relieving muscle tension.

Improve your flexibility and grace.

These tight muscles we develop inhibit fluid movement throughout the day. If you feel “tight” or “locked up” it could be the simple result of muscle tension. Let us massage the areas that are holding you back from optimal flexibility.

Regularly stretching before and after a massage can also help you stay loose. A consistent schedule of stretches will mean that you’ll soon be stretching farther than you ever thought you could.

Schedule a massage.

Daily discomforts like stress and tight muscles are not things you need to live with forever. After a massage from our professionals at Phresh, we aim to send you walking out the door with a newfound cloud under your feet. Tell us where you’re feeling pain or tightness and we will give special attention to those areas, whether we use deep tissue, hot stone, or Swedish massage.

Calming human touch paired with intense muscle relaxation techniques in a soothing atmosphere can cleanse you mentally and physically, loosening knots of anxiety that keep you from functioning smoothly throughout the day.

It’s incredible how massage may improve work performance and relieve stress at home. Who doesn’t want a better quality of life? Schedule a massage with Phresh to experience true relaxation. We can’t wait to see you!

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