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Malibu C: The Pre-Color Treatment You Need

Malibu C Crystal Gel is the original natural wellness treatment made with a patented vitamin complex including pure skincare grade Vitamin C. It is THE professional in-salon treatment to restore health and vibrancy to your hair and scalp, giving it a truly crystal clean slate. Here’s ten reasons why you need it before a color service to ensure optimum results!

  1. Rids hair of hard water minerals, chlorine, medications and other color-blockers
  2. Primes hair with filler-like properties for even saturation of color
  3. Readies hair for superior color absorption, coverage and retention
  4. Removes layers of mineral build-up that can negatively affect the successful processing of color & highlights
  5. Ensures superior color coverage on gray and white hair
  6. Increases vibrancy
  7. Increases color’s staying power and helps prevent fading
  8. Helps prevent breakage prior, during and after service
  9. Removes discoloration resulting from buildup
  10. Protects scalp from irritation and staining

If hard water or chlorine damage is a constant struggle for your hair, you may consider regularly using one of the Malibu C Wellness Systems that we carry. Consult your stylist on whether these could be right for you. You can read more about the Malibu C products here

To schedule a Malibu C Crystal Gel Treatment with one of our stylists, call us today at 651-288-4040 for St. Paul, or 763-450-1111 for St. Louis Park.