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Three Ways to Prepare for Your Massage

The day is finally here – your long awaited massage at Phresh Spa & Salon! We’re excited for your visit. Because we want you to have the best possible experience with great results, here are some tips for preparing for your massage.

Stay hydrated. The day of your massage, make sure you drink plenty of water. We suggest that you do not drink alcohol or caffeine 6-8 hours before your massage, but in exchange brew yourself a cup of caffeine free tea. This is because a massage increases your circulation, causing alcohol or caffeine to hit your bloodstream faster and affects your body for a longer period of time. Caffeine works the same way, and besides – you shouldn’t worry about caffeinating when you want to relax.

It’s also important to drink lots of water after your massage, to hydrate the muscles worked on by your professional. Water will flush any toxins from your body that may have been released in your tissues, so you can avoid negative side effects like a headache or muscle aches. 

Wear the right clothing. You should wear loose, comfortable clothes to your massage. You will be removing as much clothing as you feel comfortable doing, and so this allows you to quickly dress and undress. It will also keep you comfortable and not constricted in tight clothes.

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes as well – no high heels, which may disrupt the work your massage did on your muscles when you put your shoes back on.

Give yourself time. Try not to rush through the day before your massage. Allow yourself time to take a warm, leisurely shower, which will purify your mind as well as your body. Arrive at the salon early, so you can use the bathroom, fill out any necessary forms, and wait for the massage to begin. You know your body, so do what is healthy for you and what will prepare your body for your massage.

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