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Bridal Hair And Makeup

Bridal Makeup Tips

Preparing for your Bridal Makeup Trial: Just as with your hair trial, try to browse bridal magazines, websites such as The Knot, and Pinterest to help you figure out your bridal style. If you are totally unsure of what direction you want to go in, ask you makeup artist for suggestions. They will be happy to give you their professional opinions of what would best define your features and make you look incredible on you wedding day.

When to Schedule Your Bridal Makeup Trial: If possible, schedule your hair and makeup trials on the same day. This will help you see what the look as a whole so if something doesn’t look quite right together, you can tweak it. The whole goal of the trial is for you to find your perfect bridal look so you can feel totally confident day of.

For the Natural Bride: We can absolutely give you a beautiful, natural bridal look that is soft and subtle. What you do have to know, is that natural makeup for everyday and natural makeup for photos are two different things. You will have to wear more makeup than you may expect to show up in photographs. We always suggest that you take a few photos at home after your trial so you can see it objectively.

Lashes or No Lashes?: The first question to ask is, have you worn false lashes before? If not and you think you may want them, have your artist apply a pair at your trial so you have a chance to wear them around and see what they are like. Most of the time they may feel strange at first but you get used to them. That being said, you need to feel comfortable in your own skin to feel confident, so if they bother you skip them. If not, the more lash the merrier!

Pucker Up: Once you’ve decide on a lip color at your trial, purchase it for day of. Even with long-wear lipsticks, you will want it for touch ups just in case. For example, the natural oils in fish can break down long-wear lipsticks so you want to make sure you look just as polished after dinner as during the ceremony.

The “Just In Case” Bag: In a small bag that your maid of honor or personal attendant can be in charge of, keep your lipstick or gloss, a translucent powder, and blotting papers.

Skincare Before The Big Day: If you aren’t already on a good skincare routine, start getting facials once a month, 3-6 months before your wedding. This will ensure that your skin is at it’s healthiest and that your makeup will go on smoothly and flawlessly.

The Brows: Get your final brow wax and tint with your esthetician 1-2 weeks before your wedding.

Last, But Not Least, Be Yourself: We said it in our bridal hair trial, but it is just as true when it comes to your makeup. Don’t let anyone(friends, family, or makeup artist included) talk you into anything you’re not comfortable with. You want to feel beautiful, confident, and like the best version of yourself, not someone else. Let your uniqueness shine!

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