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Benefits of Booking a 90 Minute Massage

You trust your service provider’s at phresh, knowing that their job is to care for you, and that’s what they love to do. So when your massage therapists suggest booking a 90 minute massage next time, it’s because they know that 30 or 60 minutes doesn’t always allow them to fully address each problem area. Their goal is to send you away feeling your best. People are often unaware of the amount of stress and tension they carry in their muscles every day. When receiving a massage treatment, it can take significant time to work through this tension and ease the muscles to a point where they can be effectively manipulated into a relaxed state.

A massage is the perfect way to cleanse your body of stress and start clean. At Phresh, we offer time slots from a 15 minute chair massage to a 90 minute massage.

A 90 minute massage eats up a slightly larger chunk of your day, but they really do give you more for your money. It takes a while for a specialist to work through all your layers of stress, and 90 minutes is a wonderful amount of time to allow access to the deep tissue problems you might be having.

When getting a 60 minute full-body massage, you might hesitate to ask for extra attention on a problem area because you want time for your whole body. With 90 minutes, your therapist has plenty of time to give you some focused treatment, but also knead out the muscles everywhere else. It enables quantity and quality healing!

It’s hard to justify taking time for personal health when you have so many other responsibilities. But really, if you aren’t in good shape, your work won’t be either.

Next time you schedule a massage at Phresh, consider reserving a 90 minute block, so you can reap deeper benefits from our experts. The longer a specialist works on your muscles, the more your blood flow improves, which means that your body functions improve as well. We’ll send you walking out a calmer, more graceful and refreshed version of you!