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How To: Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows

If you’ve ever had a bad “waxident” (which frankly can be traumatizing) or gotten a little too tweezer happy, you know what it feels like to miss your eyebrows. You know how it can drastically change the shape of your face and how long it can take to grow them back. You will never take them for granted again. On the other hand, there is something quite magical when you find that one person that understands you and your eyebrow needs. Your brows + the right Esthetician = a match made in heaven.

Perfectly shaped eyebrows define and brighten your eyes, putting the focus where it should be. Below, you’ll find the steps for YOUR perfect eyebrows. Because, let’s be honest, we’re not all workin’ with the same things. Some of us have pale, barely there brows, that never seem to grow. While others have super full, dark brows, that never seem to stop growing. And of course, we want what we don’t have, but let’s embrace our own brows and make them the best they can be!

1. Waxing:

Start with a good shaping from your esthetician. The initial wax is like tailoring a dress. Trust the expert to get an exact fit that flatters you. Timing between waxing will depend on how fast your brows grow. Anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

2. Tinting:

Tinting the brows can be that final step to really bring the look together. It can make the brows look fuller, match a new hair color to give a more natural appearance, or allow your brows to actually be seen if you were born with light blonde brows that almost disappear.

3. Products:

Here are our favorite ways to fill in the brows for more definition, the appearance of fullness, or to change the color without tinting.

– Jane Iredale PureBrow Brow Gel:

  • Comes in Blonde, Auburn, Brunette and Clear
  • Tints brow hairs in a natural way.
  • Clear gel can be used to hold unruly brows in place, as a clear mascara for dyed or dark lashes and over color mascara to make it more water resistant.
  • Adds color, depth and highlights.
  • Covers grey eyebrow hairs.
  • Can be used as a light mascara.
  • Great for those with naturally fuller brows that want to keep hairs in place, or change the color of brows without tinting.

– Jane Iredale Bitty Brow Kit:

  • A take-anywhere brow kit that includes three brushes, transparent botanical brow wax and pigmented brow powder.
  • Rich wax formulation leaves brows looking lustrous without any sticky residue.
  • Water-resistant powder provides a softer, more natural appearance.
  • Adds color, depth and highlights.
  • Covers grey in brows.
  • Great for those with naturally thinner brows that need more filling, or those who like extra definition.

To learn more or get perfectly shaped eyebrows for yourself, make an appointment with one of our estheticians. Or visit us at Phresh Spa Salon on Grand Ave in St. Paul or at The West End in St. Louis Park.